Beginner Improvers Aerial Hoop Masterclass - 1pm to 2.30pm

Pre-requisites - gazelle, invert on top bar. Please ask if you are not sure!

A class for those who want a little push to reach beyond the basics - we will look at some simple rolls around the hoop, as well as some top bar work.


Intermediate Aerial Hoop Masterclass - 2.45am to 4.15pm

This Masterclass is for intermediate levels and above. Please ask if you are not sure!

A good hoop act is all about transitions - not just from A to B, but involving movement over, in, around and on top of the hoop. During this Masterclass we will examine some rolls, drops and slides to help us explore the hoop in 3D.


Your Coach

Nicole Pearson, Cirque du Soleil alumna and international performer.